In Germans Adrover we specialize in the design and manufacture of custom furniture. Our qualified staff has designed more than 100 projects with Germans Adrover brand more than 1000 in conjunction with other professionals in the sector.

We provide an integral service of the interior design of the reform or construction including decoration and furniture.


2D Modeling

First, according to the architectural, lighting, spatial characteristics, etc. We design the furniture and decoration of the space incorporating practicality and aesthetics. That is why we use 2D modeling tools to create plans, views and dimensions of the furniture. In this way, we specify the basis of the project, its measurements and budget.


3D Modeling

From the 2D CAD and the approval of the plans we create a 3D modeling of the furniture adjusted to the final space, with specific measurements and designs. With our 3D modeling program we get more realistic and detailed designs of what we are going to manufacture or decorate, and we can get the quartering for subsequent manufacturing.



Finally we took videos and rendered images of the project for a complete and 100% visual visualization of the client.