Covering with HPL sheet is an increasingly used resource. To give us an idea, it is the typical material used to make lockers in gym locker rooms. It is becoming increasingly common to cover other types of boards with a sheet of a few millimeters with high-pressure laminates.

This provides not only a decorative surface, but also a durable one. It is frequently used in the manufacture of countertops (made of particleboard and coated with HPL), plywood, etc.

High pressure laminate HPL is made from a printed decorative paper that is fused with several sheets of kraft paper saturated with a phenolic resin. Heat and pressure are used to bond all the sheets together in a thermosetting fusion process that creates a flexible, durable piece of plastic-like material, which is then bonded to a thicker core material.

This material is very dense and resistant to temperature changes, it is also very practical to clean and maintain, which is why it is a very popular material for some solutions.

This material consists of very thin layers bonded together under high pressure.

HPL can be applied on all the same substrates as melamine laminate:

  • MDF (in all its versions).
  • Chipboard (all versions).
  • Superpan (all versions).


In addition to :

Phenolic plywood: Solid, rigid and highly resistant to wear and moisture. Composed of overlapping wood sheets, glued perpendicularly and pressed with heat.