It is a sheet of wood veneer, either natural or prefabricated.

The coatings are usually made with natural veneer. That is to say, a thin veneer is obtained from a valuable wood and with that veneer a cheaper wood is coated.

Within decorative wood panels, veneers are at the top. They consist of boards on which a decorative natural wood veneer is fixed. This achieves not only the appearance, but also the texture. They can be sanded and finished. They can even be repaired if the damage is not extensive. It has a higher cost than melamine panels, but never that of solid wood.

Veneer can be applied on all the same substrates as HPL laminate:

  • MDF (all versions).
  • Chipboard (all versions).
  • Superpan (all versions).
  • Phenolic plywood: Solid, rigid and highly resistant to wear and moisture. Composed of overlapping wood sheets, glued perpendicularly and pressed with heat.

In addition to :

  • Ultralight board. With high strength, consisting of thin MDF faces and interior, the latter arranged in a grid pattern.