(Also called Marine or Phenolic)

Plywood is made up of different veneers joined transversely by means of adhesives. These boards have the advantage of being more resistant than planks or glue laminated boards. They are available in many different types of wood.

They are widely used in ships, airplanes, trains and in the automotive industry.

This type of board is highly resistant and, depending on the treatment applied, can even be used in contact with water, which is why it is also known in some places as marine veneer or marine board.

This possible resistance to humidity is due to the use of phenolic glues, hence we speak of phenolic plywood.

In some cases, the exterior veneers are made of hardwoods or precious woods. The reason is that these wood panels are to be used for decorative and not only structural purposes. Melamine plywood for decorative purposes is also common.


Uses: Construction, paneling, insulation, furniture, handicrafts, boat building.

There are also different types of plywood:

  • Finnish or coachbuilder’s board. Manufactured using birch and adding a phenolic film that improves its resistance to abrasion. It is used for floors or decks of boats, vans, stages…


  • Flexible plywood. The orientation of the veneers is modified in order to facilitate the bending process. Its use is exclusively decorative.